How do you manage a portfolio of investment properties and all of the associated loans?


How do you keep track of your overall position, rental incomes, loan types, lend ratios and interest rates?

It's simple with the right tools!

We provide our investor clients with a comprehensive report quoting all relevant details in an easy to read format so you're always informed and in control. Making the next acquisition is easy when you can see at a glance how much equity you hold, your total interest expense and rental income. You can see how the proposed acquisition will look based on your specific investment scenario. Where necessary we work with your Accountant to ensure we achieve the optimum finance structure for your taxation requirements.

Thanks for all your help and advice throughout the purchase of our investment property. Your expertise made the whole process so easy for us and you were able to explain it all in a way we understood. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Chad Jensen Mortgage Providers Hillarys

Mike & Robyn Jepson